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BB-Drills book Price: 700 Flux (40 DM, 130 FF) Picture of Steve Hebold

Steve Hebold

Master of Science Degree in Education from the University of Michigan.

Playing Experience
University of North Dakota
Professional in the Venezuelan League.

Coaching Experience
Oakland University,
University of Michigan,
National Team(s) of Denmark,
National Team of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Experts of our national basketball often enhance that practice lacks for a useful continuity from the lower to the upper level of the teams. All our actors in basketball, leaders, coaches and players, are perfectly aware that this is hard to change. For coaching depends on the knowledge, sure, but also on the personality of our fully-fledged coaches.

,Hard to change, does not mean impossible. Knowledge, personality and continuity are well combined in the Formation Centers of our National Sportschool and result, under the authority of the basketball national coach, in good work.

So I am particulariry pleased to preface this coaching guideline which the same national coach Steve Hebold wrote about (his) training methods in basketball and which is edited in cooperation of the national Basketball Federation and the Sports Ministry.

By this way, our club coaches who have in general a good professional education, will now have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of American coaching methods and to take profit of the invaluable experience of the national coach. By this way, they would be skilled to shorten the distance from local du national level.

Minister for Sports of Luxembourg


For some years Basketball has encountered a growing popularity among the young people as well as the adult public. This is due to the efforts of basketball clubs to bring in well trained teams to the championship, to the outstanding training efforts for the benefit of the youngsters and to the Federations ambitious attempt to upgrade its numerous national teams.

The condition to ensure these long-term effects is the presence of well trained and highly motivated trainers. Therefore the Central Committee took care to find itself surrounded with valuable coaches and above all with highly qualified national trainers.

Two years ago the American Steve Hebold became the new national trainer. This was a lucky chance for the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Basketball, (FLBB). The efforts made by Steve Hebold for the Basketball Training Center and his tremendous work with the national team rapidly proved his outranging trainer skills His enormous theoretical and practical knowledge is combined with excellent human relationship and great psychological comprehension.

While working in Luxembourg, he got the great idea to write a book on his training concept that, no doubt, will ensure its dissemination at a larger scale. In this manual he gives a complete view of his training course which surely will be appreciated by coaches from Luxembourg and the whole world.

The FLBB is very proud to edit this book, together with its official sponsor, the Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de I'Etat, and the ENEPS. We hope that this manual, which fills a real gap, will be helpfull to accomplish the objective of providing good coaches to all teams, a necessary condition to promote basketball and to maintain its popularity.

Carlo Meintz
FLBB President